1. Cognitive and life skills development:

Our cognitive and Life Skills Development services provide a place for youths to engage in meaningful activities that promote self-awareness, confidence and increase the skills needed to lead a rewarding and positive life. The activities and curriculum are designed and tailored to each individual’s strengths, goals and aspirations. We focus on the six domains of functioning: cognitive, emotional, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational. These six domains of functioning allow us to adequately prepare our youths for a positive lifestyle they are capable of achieving.

Our program is aimed at helping youths to lead positive lives and achieve the greatest heights possible. With this in mind, our programs provide for a variety of interests, including entrepreneurial workshops/ seminars, employment readiness, sports, drama/music, arts & crafts, personal grooming and hygiene, exercise and gardening, exposure to technology, community outings, social interactions etc.

2. Entrepreneurship training/workforce development:

Our entrepreneurship training/workforce development programs build a more promising future by training youth and adults in the skills essential to the 21st-century workplace, encouraging them to respond constructively to community needs and opportunities, and ultimately helping them find or create decent work.


Our approach to this is through engaging them in experiential learning, Leadership development training, training in hard and soft skills, the inclusion of people from all backgrounds, assisting them in developing creative and innovative ideas and solutions, civic engagement and social enterprise, etc.